Blacktop & Asphalt Services

At Prestige Sealing, we specialize in providing exceptional sealcoating services for our residential properties located in the WNY area. From driveways to pathways, we offer top-notch sealcoating solutions that will transform your home's exteriors and make them shine like new.

For our valued commercial customers, we go beyond sealcoating. Our comprehensive range of services includes professional patching, striping, and crack filler solutions designed specifically for commercial properties. Whether it's a parking lot, roadway, or any other commercial surface, we have the expertise and tools to ensure the utmost quality and durability.


Asphalt Sealing is a cost-effective way to prolong the life of your asphalt surfaces and keep them looking great!


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Patching service from Prestige Sealing is a great way to fix small areas of damage and keep your surface looking brand-new.


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Asphalt striping is a great way to add aesthetic appeal and functionality to your paving project.


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Crack Filling

Crack Filling helps to seal cracks and stop water from seeping beneath the asphalt surface, preventing further damage and costly repairs.


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