Commercial Asphalt Repair Service in WNY

Commercial Crack Sealing Buffalo, NY

Driveways and parking lots are a huge investment for property owners, and the best way to protect them is with proper maintenance from Prestige Sealing. We offer residential and commercial sealcoating, stripping, crack filling, and patching to extend the life of your investment.

Asphalt Cracking Filling

Crack filling is a vital step in asphalt and blacktop maintenance and can prevent costly repairs in the future. Over time, weather and traffic weaken paved surfaces and eventually leads to cracking. Unattended cracks allow moisture to penetrate the surface, causing further deterioration. Also, water settles into the cracks, weakening the sub-base, and is further pushed into the surface causing compression stress. During the brutal Buffalo, NY winters, the water freezes and expands, making the cracks spread.

Parking Lot Crack Repair

Filling cracks with the highest grade products will prolong the life of your residential and commercial pavement and restore its curb appeal. Our professionally trained technicians expertly clean your damaged pavement, and then we apply the hot rubberized product scientifically engineered to provide the best protection against the northern New York climate. Our top-quality products double the life of the pavement by defending against future damage and save thousands of dollars in potential resurfacing costs.

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